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  • Image supplied by Des Vlietstra

14 March 2021 | Perth, Western Australia


Securing the ground is one of the most important processes in underground mining. The main objective is to mitigate the risk of rockfalls and avoid potentially severe economic and safety consequences. Shotcrete is a well-established and popular method of securing the ground.

Seminar objective:

The seminar is aimed at site personnel involved in the design, implementation and quality assurance of shotcrete/fibrecrete in mining and civil engineering. It will be presented by practitioners with experience in shotcrete processes who are willing to pass on their knowledge in a general forum.

Who should attend:

All site personnel, supervisors, operators, geotechnical engineers and relevant suppliers and consultants in both the mining and civil fields.


Topics include:

  • Mix design
  • Mixing, transporting and application
  • Additives, admixtures and reinforcement
  • Shrinkage, curing and temperature effects
  • Requirements for early re-entry
  • Testing, monitoring and quality assurance
  • Dynamic support
  • Shotcrete with mesh bolts